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JCK Industrial is a major producer of

★compact safety utility knife
★snap off knife
★box cutter
★stationery knife for office supplies
★home decor.

Nowadays, we have established good and long cooperation relationship with some customers over 15 countries.

We believe that JC to be one of the reliable supplier of the office stationery and hand tool industry in China and abroad. Through our own research, development, we believe we are in a position to exchange views on and discuss customized product for our customers.

JC is constantly developing new ways to meet the needs of a dynamic global market. All of our products are manufactured from high quality materials, and are purpose built with your needs in mind.

  • Safety Utility Knife

    Lightweight and compact tools, convenient blade changing feature is fast and requires no tools.Blister card, insert card and other more pack option! Ideal for cutting cardboard,carpet,ropes.

  • Office And School Supplies

    Extended use for Heavy duty office, Home decor, Stationery for scrap removing, crafting, arts or whatever else you need them. 9mm, 18mm different cutter replacement blades choice.

  • Scraper Tool

    Soft-grip scraper tool, lightweight and easy to operate it. The scraper uses standard single edge blades, Carbon steel or SK5 material. Widely used in removing paint, stain, bugs and others.


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