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Small Retractable Box Cutter

Small Retractable Box Cutter

Product model: JCS904B
Product size: 13.5X2.3X0.3CM
Product weight: 14G

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Product Details

9mm Stainless Steel Auto-lock Art Utility Knife, Made in China. Features aluminum plastic case auto lock knife and  9mm replacement sharpness utility knife blade. Convenient snap off utility knife has an extra high quality black stainless steel sliding track which allows the blade to smoothly glide in and out. This aluminium-bodied knife doesn't crack off bits of its body, it's really durable and truly long-lasting. Compact, lightweight and comes with blade lock. This auto lock knife is very useful. Ideal for craft hobbyists and artists, office or home usage, could cut cardboard, plastics, box, paper, foam board, gator board etc. 

1. Product Introduction of the Small Retractable Box Cutter.

- Strong Stainless steel blade channel

- Standard 9mm snap-off blade, carbon steel or ceramic material.

- Box cutter utility knives are mostly used for home, office, factories, warehouses.

- It was designed to be lightweight and easy to carry and use

- Easy snap-off blade provides many new cutting tips, keeping sharp cutting.

2. Product Parameter of the small Retractable Box Cutter.

Product model: JCS904B

Product size: 13.5X2.3X0.3CM

Product weight: 14G

Quantity per inner box: 60pcs

Quantity per master carton: 1200pcs

Inner box size: 18X18X7.5CM

Carton size: 38X36X40CM

Carton weight: 18KGS

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