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Retractable Knife

This Retractable Knife is sharp & strong and easy to push up for use. It locks in place for safety and then nicely easily slides down to remove the blade. It's a bit fancier than a standard box cutter.
The spare blades are much easier to get to, much easier to replace and require no tools to do. It also has a unique feature that allows you to temporarily extend the blade with the top slide and then a spring automatically retracts it when you release the slide.
It worked great and could be a real time saver- that is if it doesn't fall apart. If you have limited hand strength or difficulty operating things of this nature, this is the one for you.
- Retractable strong snap-off blades for easy use.
- Ergonomically designed handle.
- 18mm carbon steel or ceramic replacement blades.
- Cut thick cardboard with them quickly and easily.
- Low cost, sharp, easy to hold, easy to advance and retract the blade.
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